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 Spiritual Healing Medium, Intuitive Herbalist,
Creator of  36 Golden Light Plant Healing Essences,
Spiritual Teacher, Custodian of the John of God Crystal Healing Light Bed in Canberra ACT Australia from the Healing Casa in Abadiania, Brazil.
Author of "Living in the Golden Light" - Pati Solva Hueneke,
Golden Eagle Paramashanti, Eshka, Ti'Mu.
Finding our way as a Medium – 2 day workshop Canberra
at the Golden Light Energy Healing Centre
2 Lambell Close Palmerston ACT
September 17 @ 10:00 am - September 18 @ 4:00 pm-$250
Event content
Over these exciting two days Marilyn Whall Medium, spiritual teacher, mentor and author of KNOWING will guide you to find your own uniqueness in the way you serve the spirit world. I feel there is an enormous number of teachings about bringing through the messages. There is not a lot of support being given to those who choose to walk this path and bridge the gap between the worlds. This is the aim of these two days.I am of the opinion it’s time to support those who do the work. It is time for you to understand yourself, your uniqueness and live in the human world with a greater sense of who you are. I know you will serve the spirit world with humility with this knowing.We will delve into the heart of who am I.The human part of the journey.We will go deeper into our spirit the spirit within.Learn the benefits and importance of spiritual development.Embrace the role we play.Understand and work with the threads of communication between the worlds with a renewed confidence that you will only have by knowing who you are
.A Million thanks for walking with not just me for these two days but also the other world.10am till 4pm (both days)Open to all levels.
Blessings Marilyn.
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Trained Global Light Workers, Sound Healers and Community Drum Keepers conduct The Blue Flame Planetary Grid Ceremony on every September Equinox day along 62 Planetary Grid Points to activate the “chi” of the Planetary Grid, recharging and renewing the earth’s songlines with the sacred Blue Flame of Truth, Transparency, Divine Will and Renewal. Through the potent Blue Flame Prayer, fire ceremony, the power of intention, drumming and the ancient solfeggio music, we activate the luminous Blue Web of Mother Earth to assist in healing of all lands, water and air as well as bring humanity back into resonance and harmony with the Dream of Mother Earth, the Cosmic Tone of Oneness and our own Divine Nature. 
Here in Canberra trained Global Light Worker Medium Pati Golden Eagle Paramashanti will be conducting this Ceremony at the Spring Equinox for Grid Point 44 near St. Mary’s Peak/Wilpena Pound S.A. Pati has spent some time there in 2001 doing Personal and Earth Healing Work. We will connect with GP 44 and all the 62 Planetary Grid Points in Spirit during the Ceremony.
Warm clothes to be outside at a fire ceremony for 4-5 hrs, water, chair or blankets, percussion or toning instruments, solfeggio instruments and offerings for the fire ceremony. Please contact Pati Golden Eagle Paramashanti at  for amounts of offerings including incense, candles, candy, grains, dried flowers, cookies, cornmeal, nuts, seeds, rice, beans, corn, crackers, sugar, salt, etc.  You may bring sacred objects to be blest during the ceremony. Potluck to follow, bring a dish to share.
DATE: FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 23, 2016 – The Spring Equinox
TIME:  4pm onwards…come when you can or for the whole time.
LOCATION: Golden Light Healing Centre 2 Lambell Close Palmerston ACT
CONTACT: Medium Pati Golden Eagle at 62420995 or 0431606940
Last year’s Ceremony in Canberra – So many Spirits and Light Orbs.
I am delighted to announce that I now have a John of God Crystal Light Healing Bed approved by John of God and the Spirit Entities from the Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiana/Brazil here at the Golden Light Healing Clinc in Canberra Australia. I am offering healing sessions with the Crystal Light Bed by booking. Please email me at or ph me on 62420995/0431606940 to book your session. The cost is $90 for the first session and $70 for subsequent 20 min sessions. Longer sessions are also available on request.
Go to CONSULT Pati to request a booking for YOUR SESSION
 Saturday 10th September , 2016 10am-4pm
Try a 20 min healing session on the Crystal Light Bed.
available here for any of my products and services
Planetary Grid Blue Flame Fire Ceremony for the Equinox
FRIDAY 23rd September 2016 from 4pm onwards. ($44)
Please join us for this powerful fire ceremony of cleansing and reenergising the New Earth Grid Points as we join White Eagle Medicine Woman and the Grid Point Keepers all over the World. Pati is trained by White Eagle Medicine Woman to conduct this Sacred Ceremony as Grid Point 44 Keeper
(near Wilpena Pound in SA).
Picture from our Blue Flames Planetary Grid Ceremony held here last year.
Sunday 21st August 2016 - 7.30pm ($30)
Each Thursday Evening 7.30 pm Cost $30
Medium Pati will visit YOUR premises locally (Canberra Region) or do a distance cleansing and healing of your home/work/office space as well as clearing unwanted ancestoral energies around you so that you can move on in your life with a clearer energy field around you. This helps to clear blockages in your life which may be stopping you from amnifesting your deep heart-felt desires and wishes and clarify your life path.
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Skype/Ph/email/Personal session (45min)
Golden Light Energy Healing Centre
    Clinic or Online or Distance
    2 Lambell Close
    Palmerston ACT
    Canberra 2913
    ph. +61431606940 or
    +612 62420995
    Skype Pati.Hueneke
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