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ThePlanetary Grid Sacred Blue Flame Ceremony Essence.
Spring Equinox Wednesday, 23 September, 2015. (held in Canberra/Aust.)
The Essence vibrates to the GOLDEN/BLUE RAY and the number 9 (NINE) of Humanitarian Planetary Healing for the NEW EARTH SOLAVANA.
WE felt it connects to Grid Point 44 and all the Planetary Grid point Energies of the Ceremony.
Grid Point 44 at St Marys Peak near Wilpena Pound, Flinders Ranges gifted us the vision and energy of the OUROBOROS – the Rainbow Serpent swallowing its own tail; a symbol of completion (full circle), eternity, wisdom, love and renewal,. We were connected then directly with Grid Point 27 near the Gulf of Carpentaria Qld. Aust. where we were all given a LOTUS flower which fell onto our Crown Chakras bringing in NEW WISDOM and LIGHT. 
The Essences carries the energies of Purification, Pure Love, Transformation, Transfiguration, emergence of the Golden/Blue Person within, and of REJUVENATION of Mother Earth and of Humanity.
It brings in the Star Elders, EARTHKEEPERS and Healers who are working with us at present for the New Earth and from the Dreamtime, (Uncle Bob Randall and Mother Kirri Kirri), Lyria, Andromeda, Sirius, Arcturius, Centaury, Pleiades, and many outer Galaxy Star Systems and Indigenous Peoples of this World. Beings from Egypt (Horus), Atlantis, Lemuria and the Mayan Lands also assisted us. It brings in the Guidance and energy of Commander Ashtar of the Galactic Federation of the Light, Kryon of the magnetic Golden/Blue frequency, Mother Mary and the Cosmic Christ and our Mother/Father God.
Balance of SUN/MOON energies, YIN/YANG, MASCULINE /FEMININE, Transcendence of duality and polarity are gifted us. We are bathed in the Blue Ray of AA Michael and the Angels of the Golden Light as well as AA Metatron (Sacred eometry) and AA Sandalphon (Music). We are purified and renewed. Many emotional issues such as guilt, shame, betrayal, abandonment, fear, lack, sacrifice etc.  are cleared from many karmic timelines for us and for our Ancestors,  as we move more into the energies of PURE LOVE, ABUNDANCE Harmony, Balance and PEACE…and out of Karma into DHARMA – our true path of SERVICE.  The Heart/ Throat and Base Chakras are energised. We GROUND this energy into our Material Reality of the here and NOW and Mother Earth. Many timelines of Trauma, Hate. Jealousy, Illness and Violence are cleared too in this Sacred Blue Fire of Purification. The Blue Fire is electrical and as fast as the speed of Light in its purifying and renewal action and happens instantly as we connect to it with the Pure Intent of Surrender to DIVINE WILL.
 Perhaps you all can add to this when new awareness arises from taking the Essence.
It can be taken in 1-9 drops doses daily for 9 days…then a 9 day pause to integrate the energies and then again in these 9 day cycles.